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Since I do not have her birth time I do not know which house this impressive group of planets falls in. Her Saturn in Pisces is making a gorgeous trine to her personal planets in Cancer giving her strength, endurance and stability. This looks very reminiscent of the chart of another famous Buddhist, his holiness the Dalai Lama. These two could be astrological twins except the Dalai Lama was born the year before and has a lovely water grand trine in his chart.

Pema does not. Both the Dalai Lama and Pema have the ability to channel an enormous amount of empathy and compassion as a result of the trine from Saturn to the planets in Cancer. The handle of the bucket is Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the strongest planet in her chart because it is in the sign of its rulership but it is also the handle of the bucket. It is the boss and tells everybody else what to do.

Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to find out the meaning of life and why we are here. Every other planet in her chart has to listen to Jupiter. My favourite Pema Chodron story is the one she told Oprah of why she became a Buddhist nun. Up until her mid thirties, Pema was a housewife, on her second marriage and a mother of two.

All wonderfully, Cancerian traits. One day, while she was sipping a cup of tea, her husband came home and announced he was having an affair. He wanted a divorce. In her words, her world fell apart. The rug was taken out from underneath her.

Right Ascension and Declinations

She admits that the rage she felt was so unsettling to her and she did not know what to do with it. It was so alien to her. We see her stellium in Cancer and can understand why she struggled with her overwhelming emotions. Her whole identity of wife, mother and femininity was toppled by the dissolution of her marriage.

Mars in Cancer is in its fall which means it does not work optimally. It does not want to let the rage out. It wants to retreat back into its shell and lick its wounds. It wants to bottle it up but we have Pluto in the mix. With Pluto that is not an option. Pluto is explosive. The flood gates opened. Philosophical Jupiter was questioning why her anger was so raw.

Why did she feel so annihilated by her divorce? Jupiter was the planet that led to her quest to find out. John Willner, author of The Powerful Declinations , did as well, but was less known. Some traditional Arabian astrologers used declination, but this was mostly lost when their ideas were borrowed by the Greeks often incompletely learned and transmitted westward. In recent times the Magi Society has begun charting declinations superimposed upon the zodiacal chart along an S-curve sine wave. Some programs like SolarFire give a special sidebar aspectarian for declinations.

Astrodienst will create a pdf document of planetary and house positions including declinations. You have to find the declination aspects — parallels and contra-parallels — yourself. Note the zodiac positions will be temporarily altered from correct until you again enter the command to reverse it.

Maybe it has to do with charting systems and the human tendency for linear thinking illustrations about non-linear events. Functional orbs are defined by the planets involved, their energetic weight or size luminaries, jupiter , or closeness to earth, and by the particular geometry of the aspect, not by their speed. Those aspects simply play out longer. The concept of orbs is from moeity of orbs , which recognizes the relation of the two bodies in aspect and what their individual orbs of influence are.

I have observed that the luminaries have functional orbs of influence in the natal chart at 1. Am sure your knowledge could help us all! Thanks for this subject.

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More honestly, it feels like the heavens are just piling on since my Mars is already in detriment and retrograde and opposite my Sun and square my Jupiter. Thank for stopping by and commenting, jomotion. I also look at declinations as adding to our windows of opportunity in transits and progressions.

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More challenges, maybe, but also more opportunities. Many thanks for this. But upon seeing my planetary delineations in my chart, everything makes sense to me now. My chart is fire heavy but all my fiery planets are heavily aspected by my earth planets and MC. I do have sun conjunct asc in aries but those two are parallel with my earth saturn which explains my serious outlook in life plus my fiery leo mars have an out of sign conjunction with my virgo jupiter and at the same time parallels my taurus chiron.

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Read the descriptions for Taurus rising and Pisces rising. It is unlikely that if you are an introvert you actually have Sun conjunct Asc in Aries. The Asc degree suggested by the recorded time of birth is correct far less often than you would assume.

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Good article and agreed that declinations should be looked at more. When first learning astrology mainstream, pop, overly sign focused forms , I was always confused why I related a lot more to the Signs Aquarius and Pisces in some ways than to Capricorn. First Planetary strengths filled in some of the picture, Jupiter closest to Ascendant and still technically in the 1st House and strongly aspected including to the ruler of the Ascendant, ruler of the Nadir and 9th House, very close one to MC and to the ruler of the Sign Jupiter is in , and Angular Uranus and strongly aspected.

Some Neptune attunement would be shown via trine to Ascendant from the 5th, and my closest aspect is a Venus sextile to Neptune, with Venus ruling Moon and MC and being in the 7th so a sensitive, amplified point of receptivity , and major aspect to the ruler of my Sun Sign which is also conjunct the Moon. But something was still missing. Turned out, my Sun, the ruler of the Asc. One of only a couple declination aspects there was. Pisces S. I would live in the ocean if it were possible and lived by the ocean for a few years and highly enjoyed it, spent MANY days down at the harbor and rocks swimming or just communing with the ocean, and also fished a lot since my family was poor.

Almost always been a mystic, came in with hyper empathy to the point of painfulness as a younger child, high imagination, high psychic sensitivity though strong Jupiter, strong Uranus, strong Capricorn, angular Aqua Venus, and Pisces S. Node also help to indicate same. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Soul Stars Astrology. It is inclined to Ecliptic at 23 deg 26 minutes.

This angle changes very slowly. So we have one more set of coordinates: right ascension — the angle of the planet in the Equator plane, and declination which shows how the planet is inclined to the Equator. Typically the planetary declination changes within 23 deg South — 23 deg. Thus we have three main astronomical systems of longitude it points the angular position and latitude it shows how much any planet is inclined to the main plain. Here they are:.

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In this article I state that while working with declinations we should always keep in mind the right ascension coordinate as well. Otherwise we will not get the full picture of the planetary movement. Let us start with the Sun. At the end of June the Sun reaches maximum of North declination this is Summer in North hemisphere, the longest day, the highest Sun. This is the full Annual cycle. In any case, ingressing the first degree of Aries and Libra points exactly on zero declination case disregarding the retrograde or direct movements.

This is a diagram for Venus declination and its ingress to cardinal signs of Zodiac in RA:. This is the same diagram for Jupiter:.

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This irregularity Jupiter ingresses Aries, and its declination is not zero : is caused by the fact that Jupiter ingresses in RA in retrograde motion from Taurus into 30th degree of Aries. It is as impossible as to draw 3D cube on a sheet of paper 2D. We can show only 2 2D projections instead. Technically you can display this diagram as a combination of two events the example is set for Venus : 1 Venus declination:.