December 8 horoscope leo or leo

That said, your intuition is especially sharp today, so make time to tap into your inner voice!

December monthly horoscope

The moon enters your sign today, Capricorn, so make time to treat yourself to something special… no, not more work! Try a massage or a hearty meal with your bestie to help ground yourself after this difficult week. The moon enters Capricorn this morning and activates a very private sector of your chart, finding you in the mood to catch up on time alone. That said, there is still a pleasant energy in the atmosphere. The energy shifts today as the moon enters Capricorn and lights up the sector of your chart that rules your social life.

Planetary Row

The energy is social and adventurous! The moon enters Capricorn this morning and lights up the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation! The moon enters fellow earth sign Capricorn today, Taurus, encouraging you to look at the big picture. Planning ahead has felt hard recently because so much has been up in the air, but your partners are here to help you plan some things out! This discussion will be practical with an eye to the long-term future.

A boss or a parent might also surprise you with their suggestions. Avoid decisions during the Moon Alert. Leo July Aug. Excellent day for serious long-range plans for vacations or future social events. You might also teach or have increased responsibilities with children today. Kids love you. Virgo Aug. You might explore or research or look for answers to old problems. Libra Sept. This is a good day to sit down with someone and make long-range, future plans because something unexpected will trigger the need for this.

Today's Readings for You

Scorpio Oct. Nevertheless, someone older, more experienced or in a position of authority will be supportive. Sagittarius Nov. You might also have a change of schedule or something unusual might occur related to schools or taking a course. For example, Pluto is the planet of the god Hades. According to myth, Hades is the Lord of the Unseen World. Here he reigns with much mystery and secretiveness.

Horoscope December 8 2017 Grand Trine Fire Moon In Leo Trine Mercury and Uranus

As such, Pluto is seen as the planet of death and resuscitation. It empowers you with such qualities as mystery, aggressiveness, secretiveness, and determination. On the other hand, Jupiter is the planet of the god Zeus. Zeus is the chief of the gods according to Greek mythology.

He rules over his subjects with absolute authority and strictness. As such, you exude these qualities in abundance. The Cusp of Revolution has a major impact in your money matters. It has enabled you to generate cool wealth-creation ideas. Your astrological chart indicates that your health is good. However, be on the lookout for possible infections targeting your hips, thighs, and abdomen.

As a rule, Sagittarius people are prone to infections in these parts of their body. December 8 zodiac people are very persistent when they have set their mind on a specific partner. You are willing to use considerable resources to capture the attention of your partner. In fact, you never give up until you have won their heart. You are very much aware of what you need in life. Unfortunately, you often lack the patience to wait for the right time. You tend to jump into relationships as partners come along.

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Granted, this unrestrained kind of lifestyle does offer some kind of thrills in your life. However, it is wrought with many disappointments. For example, you subject yourself to the risk of heartbreaks. You can opt for a slow but surer way.

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For example, you can choose to develop your romantic relationships from your more platonic ones. This calls for you to embrace courtship. Dating has its place in relationships. It enables you to understand your partner better. Thus, you learn what you need to do to make them happy and content in the relationship. You have a soft spot for honest, patient, and dependable partners. Your personalities do resonate well. This means that you are willing to guide them, as they are ready to support you.

Your Daily Horoscope For December 8, 2017

You are the ideal partner for a person born amongst the Leo, Aries, and Gemini zodiac signs. You have much in common with these natives. This means that you are highly compatible. The planetary alignment shows that you are least compatible with a Scorpio. Your vision in life is different from theirs.